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Tourism for All

World Tourism Organization celebrates world tourism day globally and united with different countries and cities of the world by announcing the slogan of "Tourism for All". This slogan has been adopted in order to create facilities to make tourism attractions accessable for disabled people. All the members of the organization are required to take actions in this regard. Tabriz Municipality Tourism Organization as its essential duty has registered Tabriz in this program as the first city of Iran. As a result, many different tours have been operated for disabled people and veterans of our country. Also the slogan of " Tourism for All" is taken into account in all tourisn service units like Tabriz tourist buses, traveller info taxis and museums and they all try to do their best and take effective actions. Inshallah ( God willing).

Bus city tour

Through Tabriz municipality tourism development organization in order to improve the city tourism culture and introduce the famous places and resorts of Tabriz, Bus tours have been organised for the first time. This project has been started since 2010.03.21, and there are 30 buses whitch start showing the city with the explanations of tourguides about historical places of Tabriz, in 2 shifts, from 4 stations. Since 1389, these buses have been the host of guests and tourists each summer . The passangers can visit in average 3 historical places and 1 resort per visit, without having problem with traffic or finding their locations; so tourists can have a tour without any worries.

Taxi ask me

A huge number of tourists choose the Tabriz as their traveling destination to use the pleasant weather of it and countless historical and natural attractions. Considering the ease of access to these places and solving the tourists' communication and asking address problems because of the common language of the people which is Turkish, we started the traveler information taxis known as the "Ask Me Taxis" program in 2010 throughout the city. 30 taxis are present at the city entrances, crowded areas and specified stations. In these taxis, the driver is proficient in all the addresses and also there is a professional tourist guide in the taxi. They provide their services through close interaction with tourists, giving addresses, giving maps and brochures and explaining about Tabriz. The taxis are at work since 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. They are marked with "Tourism Information" boards on top of them.

Municipality edifice of Tabriz

Historical period: Pahlavi 1 Location: Sa’at Square of Tabriz The Municipality Edifice of Tabriz, considered as the symbol of municipalities of Iran,is one of the most beautiful and firm buildings of Tabriz. This unique place, also known as the symbol of Tabriz metropolis in Iran and globe, has always served as a city hall to govern municipal affairs. Therefore, the building became the first municipal museum of Iran in 2007(simultaneous with celebrations of 100th anniversary of opening of municipal activities in Iran). The museum is unique in its type after municipal museum of China. This edifice was erected in Nowbar neighborhood when Hajj Arfa’-ol Mulk Jalili was the mayor of the city. The building looks like a flying eagle from above. It has a German architectural style. The building has a clock tower of 30.4 meters with four faces that rings every 15 minutes. All municipality affairs were governedin this building for many years.

Literary Museum of Ostad Shahriyar

Historical period: Pahlavi era Position: Maqsodiyeh Alley, Nowbar neighborhood The house of Ostad Mohammad Hossein Behjat Tabrizi, pen named as Shahriyar, occupies nearly 250 square meters in Nowbar neighborhood, Maqsodiyeh Alley of Tabriz. It has been built in late 1940s. This house has been bought by Ostad Shahriyar in 1968. He spent his last 20 years in this house. Therefore, this building was bought by Tabriz municipality office after his death in 1988. The house exhibits the poet’s personal belongings, pictures, poetical works, and calligraphies.

Ali Musio Museum