Berlin Tourism Exhibition "the origin of cooperation between Tabriz and San Petersburg"

Reza Khalili, the manager of Tabriz Tourism Development Organization of Tabriz Municipality, during a meeting with the manager of San Petersburg's tourism committee, pointing to special geographical position of Tabriz, claimed that since the ancient time, Tabriz has been one of the most important pivots of Iran & Russia. Khalili goes further that rich history of cooperators provides a capable context of tourism cooperation. Khalili added: based on the fact that Sanpetersburg has been one of the most beautiful and known cities for Iranians, tourism tour activities should be strengthened. Alexander Martinof , the manager of tourism committee of Sanpetersburg, has seen Tabriz booth as one of the most attractive and useful booths of this international exhibition, and added; fortunately attendance of Tabriz in the exhibition has lead to a great opportunity of making good relationships , we are hoping to valuably interact and usefully cooperate to each the end, Khalili devoted statues of some of the tourist attractions of Tabriz to Alexander Martonof.